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There was an insidious blood pressure rise. Shri Nathji’s Blood Pressure had always been 150/80, which was considered very good for his age, but after the hospitalization it rose to 180/80 due to the ministrations of the doctors and surgeons there. Perhaps there was water retention in Shri Nathji’s system after the operation. Priya Nath often recalled with horror the story of Jaya Prakash Narayan, who had gone to a hospital for an operation of the prostate, and whose kidneys had been irreparably damaged by the doctors. “Jab tak iss vishwa men ek aadmi ko bhee meri zaroorat hai main naheen jaaoongaa!“For as long as even one person in the world has a need for me I shall not go.”Shri Nathji spoke of the loyalty of Priya Nath and his sacrifice for him, and quoted the verse:“Kaun hotaa hai hareefe mai mard afgane ishq“Who shall be the brave soul who will drink of this wine of poison now?And again Shri Nathji would voice his favorite Persian verse on the fleeting nature of time:“Dauraane bakaa choon baade saiharaa biguzasht“The time of Life passed away like the wind over the forest,And there was Shri Nathji’s warning to the wicked who persecuted the good:“Pindaasht sitamgar ke jafaa bar maa kardRemember, O Tormentor! That the wrong that thou hast done to me,