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As the month of March came upon Shri Nathji and Priya Nath, there was Shri Nathji blessing Priya Nath and saying:“March On the 4th of March 1981, Shri Nathji went to give his first public lecture at Delhi in the Karol Bagh area at the house of his old devotee, Shri Kasturilal. “Meri dukaan men to Bhagwan aa gaye!God, Himself, has come into my shop!”These, indeed, were the words of many shopkeepers whose shops Shri Nathji visited. There had been Shri Ram Lubhaya, proprietor of the famous bookshop in Khan Market, who had used the same words when Shri Nathji entered his shop.“Mujh se mat pooch ai raunake bazm“Ask me not how I came to be here, O joyous gathering!Indeed it was the devotion of human souls which was hidden deep down within them which would bring Shri Nathji to them! Shri Nathji merely needed an excuse to shower his grace on humanity–even if it meant going into their shops and homes. It made no difference to him whether one person was before him or thousands.Bar tar az andeshaye soodo ziyaan hai zindagiAbove and beyond profit and loss, lies this life,Shri Nathji had concluded his lecture that day with the words:“