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On the 7th of May 1981, it was Shri Nathji’s Wedding Anniversary–Divine Union Day. It was the day he had been married to Savitri Devi, Mahamateshwari, in Lahore, in 1939. Shri Nathji would always appear to be very radiant and happy on the day and would frequently say:“Aaj ke din, Rama ko Sitaji mileen, Shankerji ko Paarvatiji mileen–aur aapke Nath ko unki shakti mileen.”“On this day Rama wedded Sitaji, Shankerji wedded Paarvatiji, and your Nath wedded his Shakti –his Divine Strength.”On the 7th of May 1939, a magnificent “The only Truth is the past. It is the one thing that becomes unchangeable and permanent. You can change the present, as well as the future, but you cannot change the past! It will remain etched in history for as long as the Universe lasts.”Then again Shri Nathji would say: “Ek “If you want to see me and Mahamateshwari together, where can you see us? In the forms of Pranji and Priyaji, who are my direct blood. Shri Nathji would compare them to Luv Kush, the sons of Rama and say: “Luv Kush ne to Ramji ke bhi chhakke chhurraa diye the