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There was the famous ‘Nath Chaleesa’ composed by Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt, also known as Dandewali in which she had narrated the avatarhood of Shri Nathji in brief. Bhola Nath Bhakt hitkaariO Bhola Nath, Thou the protector of Thy devotees,Raam Shaam se ho avataariThou art the avatar of Rama andKrishna
Thou art the Imam Mehdi, Thou art ChristJinpe kripaa na hove tumhaariIf Thy Grace doth not fall upon anyone,Shri Nathji would frequently say: “Aap sooraj ko sooraj ki hee roshni se dekh sakte hainAs it was written in the Ramayana:“Soyi jaanu dehi dehu janaayi”“Only He can recognize TheeGod did not reveal Himself to all, but only to the deserving.