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Though Pran Nath lived away from his father, it was actually the will of Shri Nathji that kept him there. He was Shri Nathji’s pillar in the West. While yogis and swamis and religious organizations had huge missions abroad, Shri Nathji had only Pran Nath.“Unke to darshan maatr se hi shaanti mil jaati haiTo merely cast one’s eyes upon him is to gain Peace.“Vo jeetee jaagtee ruhaaniyat ki moorti hain.He is the very personification of Spirituality.“When he was born, Babaji Maharaj had ‘laddoos’ distributed all over Lahore. Shri Babaji Maharaj had taken him in his lap at one time, and had been nearly toppled over by Pran Nath, causing him to say:‘Betaa tum to mujh se bhi zyaada taakatwar ho gaye!“Son, you have become stronger than me!’“Babaji was referring to Pran Nath’s inner spiritual power. Pran Nath has remained alone for so many years, and never once written about any of his difficulties there. He has a will of iron. His only concern is for me.