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There were many devotees who compared Priya Nath’s devotion to Shri Nathji with that of the legendary Shravana Kumar who carried his parents on his shoulders and served them all his life. ““Duniyaan kaa bhaar mere oopar, aur meraa bhaar Priya Nathji ne apne oopar liyaa huaa hai.“The burden of the whole world is on my shoulders, and Priya Nathji has taken my burden upon himself.“If it had not been for him you would not have obtained my darshan today. He could have taken me to America with him, but he wanted me to be close to my devotees here in India. And so he left his job there and came to live with me.“Priya Nathji kaa mukaablaa koyi naheen kar saktaa. Agar aapne meri yuvavasthhaa kaa roop dekhnaa hai to Priya Nathji ko dekh len! Ye meraa yuvaa roop hain, mujh se sundar roop hain!”“No one can equal Priyaji! If you say you have not seen me in my youth, then I ask you to look upon Priyaji. He is my young form–a form more beautiful than myself!” Shri Nathji would add: