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When Shri Nathji asked Priya Nath to record the ghazal, Priya Nath could hardly accomplish the task, so heavy was his heart with the thought of Shri Nathji’s illness and the coming hospitalization. He could hardly have imagined this to be a happy birthday for him. On seeing Priya Nath look so distraught, Shri Nathji encouraged him lovingly with the words:“Priyaji har cheez ko ashubh thorri karnaa hai! Shubh kaamon se shubh cheezen aati hain!“Priyaji, let us not make the occasion inauspicious. If we do that which is auspicious then auspicious things will come our way!”And thus, encouraged, Priya Nath recorded the ghazal on tape. It was a heart-rending song. The tune that Priya Nath composed had a special feeling to it, and was almost melancholic.“MAIN VAAYADAA KARTAA HOON KE NAHEEN JAAOONGAA!”“I promise that I will not go from this world!”Priya Nath was filled with a new strength by the words of Shri Nathji, but he was still afraid when he thought of the physical suffering that Shri Nathji would take upon himself.“