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After Shri Nathji had returned home from the Ashoka Hotel, he said to the group of home devotees gathered there, which included Veeran Devi also: “KHYAAL AAYAA, KE PRAGAT HO GAYE TO PHIR KYAA KARENGE? PHIR TO SAARA KAAM HEE KHATAM HO JAAYEGA!“It occurred to me that if I revealed myself to all, my entire work would be finished–and what would I do next?Shri Nathji had this delightful sense of humour, which reflected in his divinity. After all, He was playing a grand joke upon all of creation by mingling with the earth’s denizens as a guest.“Kaheen koyi ungli utthaakar na kaihde ke duniyaa banaane vaalaa kaun thhaa!“When he satisfies your desires He comes down to your level, and when he does not satisfy your desires His desire is satisfied, and you are united with His Will!”