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Ajit Singh was with his guru, a famous saint, Sant Gulab Singh from Chandigarh, who was reputed to be 106 years old. Raihmate Haq bahaa na mi joyadThe Grace of God does not demand a price, The Grace of God seeks an excuse to comeIn this case, Shri Nathji had sought an excuse to be ill, in order to come to the hospital to bless this saint.“Naa main beemaar parrtaa naa yahaan aataa aur naa aap yahaan par mujhe mil paate!“Had I not fallen ill I would not have come here nor would you have been able to meet me!”Sant Gulab Singh and Ajit Singh then narrated how they had been planning to take Gulab Singh’s son for a brain operation to Madras, but that some power had stopped them at Delhi and they had come to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences instead. Sant Gulab Singh’s son was in a coma-like state, and the Sant wanted Shri Nathji to bless him.“Mujhpar lagzishe paa kaa bahut aihsaan hai“I am beholden to thee, O slipping of the feet, Or else my friend would never have come to hold my hand”Here was a devotee thankful to God for the troubles that came upon him, because these troubles brought him near to God.