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There is Shakuntala again, who falls at Shri Nathji’s feet and cries. The sufferings and sorrows of the world have left no mark on her. What she cannot bear is separation from her Lord and Master. There is the miraculous conversion of her sister, Raj Puri, who had hitherto been preventing her from visiting Shri Nathji. Raj Puri had read “The Advent of The Avatar” and her inner eyes had opened to Shri Nathji’s reality. There is also the Muslim lady who is the mother-in-law of Shakuntala Mehra’s grand- daughter, Radha, and who always says before Shri Nathji:“Oopar Allah, neeche aap!There is but Allah above, and Thou here below!”Shri Nathji says:
“Who says that He is not God?”Forty years had lapsed since then, and her faith in Shri Nathji had become stronger and stronger.