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The physical frame of Shri Nathji was racked by torture. His voice was weak and he was semi-conscious. It was a very different Shri Nathji who returned to the room. Priya Nath felt certain that the operation had been a mistake.“RUBBISH! IT IS ALL RUBBISH! I DO NOT HAVE THE DISEASE! IF I HAD CANCER WOULD I NOT BE WORRIED? I FEEL NO WORRY AT ALL!”Shri Nathji is his old self again, speaking occasionally and filling everyone with optimism and hope. He is defying the whole world of medical science.“DEATH AND DISEASE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER ME!“MUJHE KOYI ZABARDASTI YAHAAN SE NAHEEN BHEJ SAKTAA!“NO ONE CAN SEND ME OUT OF THIS WORLD BY FORCE! There is Shri Sanghi advocate again with a rose in his hand. Shri Nathji wishes to see more roses around him, and, just then, a miracle occurs–Khanna brings two garlands of roses, which are placed around Shri Nathji’s neck.