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Shri Nathji remembers the promise that he had made to Sant Gulab Singh to bless his son before he left the hospital. ““The name of God is the cure for all ills!”In later days, Sant Gulab Singh’s son, whom Shri Nathji had blessed in the hospital, had a successful operation and returned to his home in Chandigarh. “Badhaayi ho! Badhaayi ho! Thheek hokar aa gaye. Doosraa janam huaa!”“Congratulations! Congratulations! You have come back cured. It is like a new birth.”Priya Nath is too sad and gloomy to respond, and is frightened at this gesture of Veeran Devi. He knows how susceptible Shri Nathji is to ‘nazar’ – the evil eye, howsoever unintentional.