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There were the rare occasions when Shri Nathji would like a particular ghazal so much that he would begin to sing it out loud himself, even as he read it while reclining in his bed. His voice was melodious and sonorous, deep and rich, and reached deep down into the depths of the soul. The entire house would begin to vibrate with the sound of his singing even if he sang in a low tone. “Mujhe to gaanaa naheeen aataa! Ek hee tune men gaataa hoon!“I don’t know how to sing. I sing only in one tune!”There were the times when, after Shri Nathji had sung a particular ghazal, he would ask Priya Nath to also record it in his own voice, and Priya Nath would do so, choosing the tune that Shri Nathji had composed to it, and always, the tune would be very touching and emotionally moving.