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The month of October 1981 was upon Shri Nathji and Priya Nath. Shri Nathji had written a very long Urdu poem-ghazal on Priya Nath, blessing him with long life on his coming birthday on the 7th of October 1981.“Hazaaron saal jeeyo aur sab khushiyaan manaao tum“May you live for a thousand years and experience all the happiness in the world,Priya Nath burst out into tears as Shri Nathji read the ghazal out loud to him and recorded a sermon for Priya Nath’s birthday.“Ye takallum ye muhabbat ye teri dariyaa dilee“Thy words, Thy Love and Thy large heartedness is such,It was a Love so powerful that it even took the nightingale away from the rose and brought it to Shri Nathji; it took the moth away from the flame and brought it to Shri Nathji’s Light; it made the drinkers leave their drinking taverns and turn to the Divine Cup of Intoxication that Shri Nathji held out for them. It was a Love that had never before been seen upon this planet earth.“Hai jahaan ke sab dilon kaa sirf ye kaihnaa yehi “All the hearts of the world speak out in unison today,And the last moving verse of that poem:“Jis kissee ne bhi hain dekhe ye tere jazbaate dil“All who have experienced the Love of Thy Heart,No words could adequately describe the Love of Shri Nathji for the people of the world. Indeed, if the human tongue could fail to express the qualities of God, it would fail equally in being able to express the Love of Nath, Ghulam Rue Zameen, the servant of the earth, the slave of all of humanity. If God was Love, then, indeed, without doubt, Shri Nathji was God.