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The sermon recorded by Shri Nathji on the 22nd of June 1981 was never played on the 23rd of June because Shri Nathji spoke at length himself and forgot all about the recording.“Main chalaa jaoongaa, magar meri aavaaz raih jaayegi“I shall go away but my voice shall remain.”After the going away of Shri Nathji from the planet earth on the 6th of September 1992, his words were to come true. The tape recording has remained as a source of tremendous solace to many a wounded heart and filled many a home with happiness, bringing to them the living Personality of Shri Nathji in the form of his voice.Baandhe hue haathhon ba ummeede ijaazatTheir hands folded, waiting with obedience,Indeed, all of science, literature, music, philosophy, engineering–in fact all of knowledge came into the world from that one Divine Source of knowledge, God. He is the Supreme Philosopher, the Supreme Scientist, the Supreme Physician, the Supreme Creator of everything in existence whose mysteries He knows to perfection, what none else may ever know.