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There are the loyal Tekade sisters, Sudha and Mangla. While Sudha looked after the kitchen and served Shri Nathji inside the house, Mangla remained upstairs mostly with the aged and ailing Veeran Devi to look after her. “Mangla duty ki barri pakki hai! The Urhekar family is also there, as Shri Nathji’s grand army against the forces of evil at Mussoorie, Nagpur and Delhi. Shri G.G. Urhekar, who was a retired postmaster of Nagpur had wished to serve Shri Nathji after retirement in 1980 and the opportunity had come. He would be seen dressed in three-piece suits, looking very much like a barrister, going from one court to another to pursue the cases against Shri Nathji’s detractors. His body had all at once become full of untold energy after he had been serving Shri Nathji.