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Even as June 1981 came upon them, Priya Nath wrote a letter to Shri M.V. Kamath, the Editor of the Illustrated Weekly of India, telling him that God had come down upon earth in the human form of Shri Nathji, and quoted the verse of Sir Iqbal, the famous Urdu poet of India:“Kabhi ai Haqueeqate Muntazar nazar aa libaase majaaz men “O Thou much awaited Reality, appear before me in human form, The “Haqueeqate Muntazar”–the much-awaited Reality, existed in the form of Shri Nathji upon earth. He was going everywhere to bless humanity. The poor litigants, the lawyers and the judges, the clerks and the typists that saw him walking in the corridors or the lawns of the Supreme Court, received their share of Divine Grace, even though Shri Nathji never had occasion to actually appear inside any courtroom.“There was also Shri Nathji’s verse:“Vo Shaahe Husn bhee shaayad inhee raahon se guzaraa hai,“The Emperor of Glory has passed along these very paths,Wherever Shri Nathji set his feet he hallowed the ground and brought divine benedictions to the people there, a feeling of hope to despondent spirits; his Light showed them that there was another court as well in another world of which Shri Nathji was the Supreme Judge, and in which there were no errors, it was a court in which the past, present and future stood revealed like an open book, where the innermost recesses of a man’s thoughts were known to the Creator, and where Truth and Reality prevailed; where even the worst sinners could redeem themselves with genuine tears of repentance, where God was the Law, God the Judge, and God the arguing advocate.