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On the 10th of October 1981, Shri Vasudeva and his brother come to the house to take Shri Nathji to the hospital in their car. Shri Nathji’s fever vanished by itself and he strode out of the house, Priya Nath by his side. He embraced Shri Vasudeva and his brother and began showering the nectar of his words on them:“Room 408Priya Nath had made sure he would be living with Shri Nathji continuously in the room as an attendant and relative.“What would become of a hospital if all its patients were cured? “AgarA doctor enters the room to take a blood sample of Shri Nathji and the visitors leave the room. There are only Shri Nathji and Priya Nath in the room along with the doctor who puts a needle into Shri Nathji’s vein and draws blood. Shri Nathji thanks the doctor politely, even though the doctor had not been very gentle and painless.