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Shri Nathji’s attendants would be the ones most favoured by his divine words every morning whenever they came to serve him. There was the devotee, Sudha, who was doing the cooking from June 1980, and she was the recipient of Shri Nathji’s Divine Grace every morning, and, indeed, every time she entered his room. “Sewak kaa darjaa sab se oonchaa hotaa hai. Jab saari duniyaan baahar hoti hai, tab sewak apne Swami ke saath andar hotaa hai! “The status of an attendant is very great. When the entire world is outside, the attendant is inside with his Master!”
Once Shri Nathji said to the chowkidaar, the gateman, who used to remain on duty near the gate:“Jaante ho bhagwan ke dwaar kaa dwaarpaal kaun hota hai? Inder Devta!”“Do you know who is the gatekeeper of God’s House? The King of the Angels–Inder!”Shri Nathji would also say:“Manushya mazdoori deth hai,“When man pays for services rendered,When Sudha and her sister Mangla came to Shri Nathji’s darbaar in June 1980 at Mussoorie, their family was in dire financial straits. No sooner had they begun to serve Shri Nathji, than their elder brother suddenly found a lucrative job in the Gulf and their family situation improved dramatically. Good health, peace and prosperity followed their family members for as long as these two sisters Sudha and Mangla served Shri Nathji loyally and sincerely over the years.