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All the religions of the world urge man to seek God.Athhaa to Brahm jigyaasaO man, having come into this world, seek to know God!Ekam sad vipra bahuda vadantiHe, who exists, is One, Aayaa hai too jahaan men misaale sharaar dekhO Man, Thou has come into this world like a lighting flash,Man is surrounded by the past, the present and the future. An infinity of time has been drowned into the past.Phir paachhey pachhtaaye kyaa hovat haiOf what use the regrets that come later,Zindagi katre ki sikhlaati hai israare hayaatThe existence of a drop of water reveals the secret of Life,As a dewdrop it must pass through various phases of the dreadful journey of life, through mountains and streams and rivers until it reaches the ocean.Koyi bhee baat doosre khshan par naheen chhorrni chaahiye!Do not leave anything for the next moment!A scene, which is photographed, becomes permanent. That one moment of life, which is spent in the remembrance of God and accepted by Him, becomes permanent and everlasting. That one moment which is spent in His Holy Feet shall remain with us till Eternity.Ek khshan jo prabhu charanon men lag jaayega vo anant kaal tak hamaare saathh rahegaa.A philosopher in Europe asked me: Ham bhi kar denge saroore jauhare zaati bayaanI shall narrate to you the Bliss of God- Realisation The very tongue which tastes of these fruits cannot narrate the taste–so how can the tongue narrate the taste of God-Realisation?Meri cheezWhat I have to offer is not in an experimental stage, it has become a verified fact.Na shagoofa am na samaram na darakhte saayaa daaramI am neither a flower, nor a fruit, nor a tree that gives shelter,But there is a work, which I have before me. It is my wish that before my eyes close, the eyes of the world must open–that is my only desire in life.Yato vaacho nivartante apraapya mansaa saahaaHe is That, who is beyond expression, beyond the thoughts and the mind.When shall “I” be free?Gayi boond lene samundar ki thhaaThe drop of water went to experience the depths of the ocean,Samundar men katraa fanaa ho gayaaThe drop of water perished in the ocean,A candle, or deepak, or shamaa, was burning in a faraway region. Someone asked a moth to go and find out the exact spot where the flame burnt. The moth went to enquire–but it never returned! God is NOWHERE must be changed to God is NOW HERE.I was in Mussoorie once. A number of visitors had come to see me amongst whom was Justice Girish Prasad Mathur of the Allahabad High Court. Some mahatmas, holy men, from the caves of Uttar Kashi arrived while the satsang, my discourse, was in progress.When Shri Ganesh Prasad Bhutt, who was the Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh, wrote to me that he wished to give up his worldly duties, I said to him that that was not the message that I wished to convey to the world. I told him that I did not want renunciation of action, rather I wanted inaction to become in+action. **********