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There was the historic three-hour sermon that Shri Nathji gave to Colonel Ajit Singh who came along with an American lady. Shri Nathji’s power was at its peak that day. One of Priya Nath’s greatest regrets was that he could not tape record the speech–so lost had he become in Shri Nathji’s words himself.Main kushtagaane ishq men Sardaar hee rahaaAmongst those who died for the sake of Love, I remained forever aheadAi mudaayiye vaihdat ye maao man kahaan kiO Seeker after Truth from whence cometh this thought of ‘I’ and ‘mine’,Zarre zarre ki zubaan par hai Anal Haq kee sadaa Each and every particle cries out ‘I am God.’Mansoor was a prophet who had been crucified for saying he was God: ‘Anal Haq i.e. I am God.’Aamad saihare nidaa za maikhaanaye maaEarly in the morning a voice came from outside my tavern, Barkhez ke pur kunam paimaana za mai Arise, so that I may fill thy cup with wine,There was Moses who insisted on seeing God:Ab kyon Moosaa hain gash men khaamoshWhy does Moses lie unconscious now?And Shri Nathji ended this beautiful three hour speech with his favourite words:“LIVE PEACEFULLY, LEAVE PEACEFULLY, AND THEN LIVE FOREVER PEACEFULLY–AND NEVER COME BACK!”