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A selection of three verses each, from a few of his ghazals are given below. The complete ghazals contained seven or nine or even twelve verses each.Jahaan ki Saari Shaklon SeIn the Verse below Shri Nathji was describing his own face and the divine glory that accompanied it:Jahaan ki saaree shaklon se teri tasveer achhee hai,Thy picture is better than all the faces of the world,Ye Takallum ye MuhabbatIn the Verse below he was describing his divine flow of words and his love and his Divine Grace and his power to attract the world to himself. Yes, it was only Shri Nathji’s love that could make a moth leave the flame and come to him:Ye takallum ye muhabbat ye teri dariyaa dileeThy Words, Thy Love, Thy Grace that embraces all,Vusat hai Baihar ki yeIn the verses below Shri Nathji spoke of the transient nature of human existence, where all of time was coming, only to go, and man was like a traveller on a journey. He also gave out a message of great joy that the Glory of God had come upon earth and there was no need for sorrow:Vusat hai baihar ki ye mauje ravaan naheen haiIt is the vastness of the Ocean, it is not a Wave in motion,Phoonk de Khaabe Giraan koInthe verses below Shri Nathji expressed the highest philosophy of the spiritual world in which he saw unity everywhere and in everything and looked upon the entire Universe as a display of the Creator. He sees Himself and the Creator as One:Phoonk de khaabe giraan ko jalvaye noore azalBurn to ashes this dream world, O thou Light of Creation,Jaame Jahaan numaa thhaaIn the verse below Shri Nathji speaks of the legendary Cup of the Emperor Jamshed in which he saw an image of the whole world. Shri Nathji says that the time has come for the manifestation of his Glory in which the Face of God is revealed:Jaame Jahaan numaa thhaa Jamshed Baadshaah kaa,The world was revealed in the Cup of the Emperor Jamshed,Aaj phir aayaa hai SaakiShri Nathji envisioned himself as the Divine Saki who had brought the wine of eternal life for the world, bringing a light even to the flames of the world:Aaj phir aayaa hai Saaki mai kaa paimaanaa liyeThe Saki has come today, bringing the cup of his wine Tujhe yoon dekh lene parIn the verse below, Shri Nathji is referring to a state where all desires of the world vanish upon beholding Him. Man then becomes like one who has reached his destination and has nothing else to seek:Tujhe yoon dekh lene par bhi koyi aarzoo kyon ho,On beholding Thee no desires can remain,Shamaa kaa jal ke bujhnaaIn the verses below Shri Nathji gives the meaning of life, in which he reveals that the world is not to last, but there is greater happiness awaiting man:Shamaa kaa jal ke bujhnaa hai raaz zindagi kaaThe burning and dying of the flame reveals the Secret of LifeFanaa se dar kar Bakaa ko dhoondaaIn the verses below Shri Nathji gave complete freedom from the fear of Death and showed that Death did not exist in the Ocean of Eternal Life in which man existed:Fanaa se dar kar Bakaa ko dhoondaa,Afraid of Death, a search was made for Eternal Life, which asked, where was death!Utth ai Mughanni sunaa vo naghmeIn the verses below, Shri Nathji had made an exhortation to the singer–which was Priya Nath in this case–to get up and sing and to regale the world with his songs divine that would rid the world of all its sorrows:Utth ai Muganni sunaa vo nagme ke jhoom jaaye jahaan saaraaArise, O Singer, and sing the songs that will make the world sway,Baadal Sarak Gaye HainIn the verses below Shri Nathji speaks with a voice of hope and encouragement telling the people of the world that the clouds of sorrow are gone, and the lights of happiness have dispelled the darkness:Baadal sarak gaye hain jhonke se ik havaa keThe clouds have been moved by the thrust of the wind,Badle hai koyi aan menAnd the verses below show Shri Nathji’s prophecy of the things to come, of an age of war going away and of peace reigning upon the earth. It was a verse that was to come true in the years that followed, as a miracle of Shri Nathji’s advent upon earth:Badle hai koyi aan men ab range zamaanaa Someone shall come and change the face of the world in a moment,