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In April 1981, Mata Tara Devi’s wish that Shri Nathji visit her home was at last fulfilled. Shri Nathji went to her bungalow at South Patel Nagar in New Delhi, where he was welcomed by Mata Tara Devi and her daughter, Sheila Dhingra, and her sons Mohini and Chaman Lal, as well as her granddaughter, Priya. Sitting there in the midst of these old devotees of Lahore, Shri Nathji brought back memories of Shri Babaji’s darbaar.“Mataji ko saprem samarpith, Mata Tara Devi would not part with that picture for all the wealth in the world and was hesitant to show it even to Priya Nath, lest he ask her for it.