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Sad news arrives from Allahabad. A great devotee of Shri Nathji has left the world Mrs. Chopra, the wife of Sardar Harbhajan Singh Chopra, who had undying faith in Shri Nathji.“Log jad marden te nark vich jaanden. “When people die, they go to hell. Shri Nathji has made a house for me in Heaven!”Shri Nathji was deeply moved by the news of Mrs. Chopra’s death and sent a telegram of a 115 words to her husband, Sardar Harbhajan Singh Chopra, following it up with a long touching letter in Urdu, which brought tremendous consolation to Chopra and his children.Saaz haaye aasmaani baj rahe chaaron taraf“Celestial instruments ring out their music everywhereShri Nathji plays his part to perfection. He laments the passing away of his devotee and says:“Jo baadaakash thhe puraane vo utthte chale jaate hain“Thy older lovers are leaving this world,Shri Nathji recalls the past when he was with the Chopra family at Allahabad in 1949 and then again in 1953. Mrs. Chopra had always said to Shri Nathji:“Kishan Bishan kabhi na dhyaaoon, “I worship no God other than Thee,There was a time when Shri Nathji was at their house at Allahabad and had lost his ring in their garden. Though the devotees tried hard, none of them could find the ring. Just then Mrs. Chopra came on the scene and said: “Hey Nathji! Maharajji ki angoothhi mil jaaye! Hey Nathji! Please find the ring of Maharajji!”“Main Rita vee lainee hai, te larrkaa vee lainaa hai!“Nathji, meri Jaan!–Nathji, my life!”There had been the time at Allahabad, in 1958, when Chopra had practically asked Shri Nathji to leave his house and to live elsewhere in rented places. Shri Nathji had stayed for four years at Allahabad in numerous difficult conditions and in dreadful surroundings, while Chopra had been wallowing in the splendour of his large house and wealth, without offering Shri Nathji his home to live in. However, Shri Nathji had continued to love him just as much as before, and had completely ignored that dark period of his devotion.