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Shri Nathji asked Priya Nath to get a television set for the house, but Priya Nath was reluctant, firstly, because he did not want to waste precious time watching television, and secondly, because he thought it might be injurious to Shri Nathji’s eyes. “Piyaji ye kaun hai? Dilip Kumar Hai?”“Piyaji, who is this? Is it Dilip Kumar?”Shri Nathji recalled some old names like Ashok Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, and Kishore Kumar, and loved their acting style. Amongst the actresses the only names he could recall were these of Madhubala and Nargis and Leela Chatnis! “Vaise to“Ladies are generally very affectionate by nature!”There are some old film songs that would always bring tears to Priya Nath’s eyes, for he translated the feelings in these songs into his love for Shri Nathji:There was the doleful song:
“Teraa meraa pyaar amar,“Thy Love and mine is Eternal,It was the fear of losing Shri Nathji in his physical form that always filled Priya Nath’s mind. “Zindagi pyaar ki do chaar gharri hoti hai.”“It is but for a few moments only–this life full of Love.”And the song that brought back memories of Shri Nathjis’ love for Priya Nath:“Tere pyaar ko iss tarah se bhulaanaa na dil chaahataa hai na ham chaahate hain.“Neither I nor my heart can ever forget Thy Love.”Priya Nath recalled how Mahamateshwari would shed tears of bliss whenever she translated many of these old film songs in her feelings for Shri Nathji. There was the famous song which was titled:“Chaundvi kaa chaand ho, yaa aaftaab ho, “Whether like a full moon or like the Sun,How beautifully these poets had expressed their sentiments of love, and how beautifully these sentiments fitted Shri Nathji:“Sajde tumhaari raah men karti hai kaihkashaan.“Even the galaxies bow along Thy paths.”For Priya Nath, the entire world revolved around Shri Nathji. All the love, all the emotion that existed within him, reminded him of Shri Nathji–all the tragedies and all the joys of the world contained Shri Nathji and Shri Nathji alone.“Yoon to hamne laakh haseen dekhe hain tumsaa naheen dekhaa“Though I have seen many full of beauty but never one so beautiful as Thou!”How wonderful God’s world became if one began to see Shri Nathji as God in it, in all its faces. “Vo din aane vaala hai jab main ek raat men sab ko darshan dene vaalaa hoon!”“The day is to come when I shall give my darshan to all in one night.”The World Prayer Day of 1984 had been broadcast by international television networks all around the globe, carrying Shri Nathji’s physical form in it.