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These are also the days when Shri Nathji listens to some of the tape recordings Priya Nath had made of his voice at Akola and Nagpur in 1978. Here are revelations pouring out in every word, every sentence. Even Shri Nathji goes into raptures while listening to them. These are invaluable treasures, which will guide mankind till eternity. In one of them Shri Nathji had openly declared:“Ye meri aavaaz naheen hai, ye Bhagwan ki aavaz hai!“This is not my voice, this is the voice of God!”He had also added:“Main hazaaron, laakhon saalon tak bol saktaa hoon….“I can go on speaking for thousands and millions of years……”It was a pronouncement that only God could make. He was Infinite and His knowledge was Infinite. It was being manifested in Shri Nathji through his words, which appeared to come from another plane. “It is a shruti!” said one learned pandit comparing it to the the shruti, the sound that was recorded in the Vedas.“Priya Nathji Ki Jai!”