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Priya Nath also puts to music and records Shri Nathji’s famous verse that had caused many a poet and seeker after truth to burst out into exclamations of: “Wah! Wah! Wonderful!”Rindon ki talab par Saakiye Kausar ko bhi josh aayaaThe quest of the Seekers so filled the Saki with Joy,It was a verse that Khushwant Singh the noted author and journalist was to quote in his column in the Hindustan Times years later in March 1993, after Shri Nathji had gone from the planet earth in his physical form. Khuswant Singh recollected how Shri Nathji had said these words to him when he went to meet Shri Nathji in July 1988–and how Shri Nathji embraced him, causing the man to break out into tears.He wrote in 1993:“Never in my life had I seen such a noor– a divine light. There was a spiritual glow on his face, an unearthly glow, the feeling of Love was so strong that I could not control my tears which burst out the moment he embraced me…I thought I had met with my tryst with destiny…when he passed away I thought I would never see anyone else like him again…till I met his son, Priya Nath, who had the same voice, the same flow of Urdu and Persian…”