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During later years, Shri Nathji felt cold even when he was in bed with a quilt and a blanket. This happened even when the electric heater and an air blower were switched on in the bedroom. And he had difficultly in lifting the weight of the quilt and blanket, and would make the cryptic remark:“Babaji ko bhi aakhiree dinon men apni razaayi utthaani mushkil ho jaati thhee.“Even Babaji, during his last days, found it difficult to lift his quilt!”Priya Nath obtained especially made light weight quilts when these were available in the market in the late 1980’s but these afforded little protection to Shri Nathji from the cold. His circulation had become fairly poor by then. But, all the same, he would remain healthier in the winter than in the summer months of Delhi.