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Shri Nathji writes a beautiful “Message to the people of the world” telling them that a personality with nothing but love in his heart had come into the world for their sake and he was ready to serve them. “Agar main chaahoon to saari duniyaan ko bulaa saktaa hoon–magar rakkhhonga kahaan? “If I so wish it, the whole world, will gather at my door, but where will I keep it? I do not need to call lakhs of people here–because the whole world belongs to me. Of what use collecting people? I am with everyone in my Invisible Form, in the form of my blessings!”“Rehana too mujh par shak karti hai! Main akelaa naheen baithhaa. Main saari duniyaa ko chalaa rahaa hoon!“Rehana, do you doubt me? I am not sitting here all alone by myself. I am running the entire Universe!”