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Shri Nathji is concerned that the book: “The Secret of Death” has not reached out to the common man through bookshops but has been given only to selected people. Priya Nath suggests contacting India book House distributors and Shri Nathji suggests going to the house of the proprietor, a certain Sindhi gentleman by the name of Mr. Mirchandani. Priya Nath and Shri Nathji go to his house at Mayfair Gardens in Delhi. “Thaa kuchh na kuchh jo phaans see iss dil men chubh gayee“There was something that entered the heart,It was the shaft of Divine Love that Shri Nathji had with him that pierced everyone’s heart. The husband and wife listen with rapt attention to Shri Nathji’s words and become very respectful. “Par hatthi vanj sunehi khetiWhich was a Punjabi saying that meant: