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Shri Nathji also quotes his favourite verses, which he had written years ago before he began writing these ghazals. This was Shri Nathji’s voice, the Voice of God, calling out to every human upon earth–to come and discover him, to “Catch Him” as if in a game of hide and seek:MUJHE PAKRRO KOYIKyaa mazaa ho, lo bhalaa daurroO what a thrill if thou willst only run,Seena zori aur chori, chherr chhaarr athhkeliyaanStealing thy hearts with brazenness, teasing and cajoling,Nat gayaa vo nat gayaa, par nat ke jaayegaa kahaanHe has gone, O he has gone, but where indeed, shall he go? Dasto paao gosho deedaa misle dastaanaa utaarHands and feet, ears and eyes, I change, like gloves removed,Maar denaa jhoot baknaa chori yaari aur sitamSlaying, duplicity, piracy, friendship and torment,Haan karorron aib zulm aifaal nek aimaal zishtYes, millions of wiles, acts of repression, goodness and righteous deeds,Ai zameen ke baadshaaho pandito parhezgaaro,O kings of the world, learned savants and orthodox believers,Raaz khufiyaa ko bataa dete hain ham I reveal the secret that was hidden from all,Khwaa chori se khwaa yaari se khapaa letaa hoon mainThrough guiles, friendship or deceit, I usurp it all,Ye sitam yaaro hargiz bhee to main saih saktaa naheenThere is, O Friends, one hurt that I can never endure,Aate aate mujh talak main hee to tum ho jaaogeComing towards me, Thou shall become My own Self!Here was the greatest of spiritual philosophies unfolded by Shri Nathji in a few simple verses.Gayi boond lene samundar ki thhaaThe drop of water went to gauge the depths of the ocean,Shri Nathji gives a long sermon on the above verses and praises the home group, especially the teen-aged boys, Venu Urhekar, Dilip Sardeshmukh, for their steadfastness and loyalty at such a young age, when the temptations of the world were seeking to delude them.