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There was the time when Urhekar appeared to be in an ugly mood as he said to Mrs. Bahl who was washing the utensils at Shri Nathji’s house:“Har cheez ki“There is a limit to everything, it is true, –there is a limit to one’s childhood, a limit to one’s education, a limit to one’s employment, one’s retirement etc., but to say that there is a limit to one’s devotion is a great impertinence! How can there be a limit to one’s Faith?”And Shri Nathji added further in the same strain:“Bhagwan kissee insaan ke aadhaarith naheen hain! Ram vijaya Hanumana ke binaa bhi ho sakti thhee! Magar kewal barraayi Hanumaan ko deni thee. Ye jeevan ke kshann moolyavaan hain. Vo time aane vaalaa hai jab ye shareer naheen chalegaa!”“God is not dependent upon any person. Rama could have been victorious even without Hanuman. It was only that He wished to give the credit to Hanuman for the victory. The moments of this life are very valuable. The time shall surely come when this body shall be on no use!”For a while it appeared as if Shri Nathji had washed away the shortcomings of his devotee, and Urhekar was deeply repentant, prostrating before Shri Nathji several times and asking for his forgiveness.