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Priya Nath discovers several papers of Mahamateshwari which had been lying in an old steel trunk brought from Mussoorie.Hamaari aankhon men bas rahe hainThe two are before my eyes Mahamateshwari was referring to Shri Nathji who existed in both these forms.Utthaa ke prithvee kaa bhaar dononCarrying the burden of the world,Shanker Bhole Bhaale, “Jo samaa jaye dil men usse tasveer kaihte hain “That which engraves itself on the heart is Thy picture.”Meraa jo haal ho so, Too bhar ke nazar giraaye jaaNo matter what happens to me, you can but lower your eyes,And the famous verse of the poet Zafar which Mahamateshwari sang to depict the sadness of human life in the end:Na kissee ki aankh ka noor hoonI am not the light of anyone’s eyes,There were also the verses of Iqbal which Mahamateshwari used to sing at Mussoorie:Dil hee to hai na sango khisht It is but a heart and not a stone,Tears sprang into the eyes of Shri Nathji and the members of the home group, who sat together and listened to Priya Nath’s voice even as it rang out on the tape recorder.