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On a trip to Cannaught Place, Shri Nathji suddenly meets a person who introduces himself as Surinder Singh Chawla, and says that his father, Sardar Saswant Singh, had been a great devotee of Shri Nathji back in the 1930’s at Lahore.“Thhaa kuchh na kucch jo phaans see iss dil men chubh gayi“There was something that came and pierced the heart, Surinder Singh begins to press Shri Nathji’s shoulders in the arcade itself, saying:“Kuchh sewa to kar loonPeople who had served Shri Nathji in any manner whatsoever would always receive a reward for their services from Shri Nathji. “Manushya mazdoori deth hai kyon raakhe Bhagwan!“When man renders payment for services done, Priya Nath recollected the numerous occasions when Shri Nathji would meet people on the road, these were people who had seen him years ago and had never forgotten him. Shri Nathji had become a living legend during his younger days when he was at the height of his popularity but had voluntarily exiled himself in the mountains of Mussoorie for years. Maanaa tamaan khalk se too beniyaaz haiThou art indifferent to the entire Universe itself