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Priya Nath blamed himself for not caring for Pitaji’s right eye and for not getting regular examinations done after 1975 when the left eye had been operated upon for cataract. “Khoob That was the last thing that Priya Nath could do. The Pilocarpine and the tablets were not helping Shri Nathji. The pain kept on increasing, and, in addition, the diamox tablets resulting in Shri Nathji having severe pain in his joints, and especially his knees, and leg muscles, so that he could hardly move around. “Piyaji, khoob Shri Nathji writes more ghazals and gives them to Priya Nath for recording. However Priya Nath has not fully recovered from the shock and cannot record music for a while.“In this age anything can happen at anytime. Let us do whatever we have to do. What is missed once, may not come again!”Priya Nath speaks to Shri Nathji of the cruelty of Nature. How diseases develop in old age when man is already tired out by the aging process. How his ears turn deaf, his eyes lose sight, how the micturition process is obstructed by an enlarged prostate, how even the teeth fall out–it is as if all of Nature is bent upon destroying man. That all these diseases come upon man in old age when he is so fragile and his bodily defenses so weak is a great anachronism in the scheme of things.“Don’t worry, I will be all right!”Already half of the fears have gone due to the opinions given by the doctors.