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There is the visit of the young Raju Tanksale from Nagpur, who, as a boy, had cooked for Shri Nathji at Nagpur in 1979. At the time Shri Nathji was very pleased with him and had asked him to ask for any boon in life, which would be granted to him. Priya Nath had at once added: “Grant a car to Raju!”“Hamaari kismat ke taale kab khulenge!”“When will the locks of our destiny ever open again!”Shri Nathji would never tire of quoting from the above letter. He had referred to Shri M.V.Tanksale, the father of Raju Tanksale, as his sincerest devotee, and this was to be seen to be correct in the years that followed–in the years of unmitigated loyalty and service that the Tanksales yielded to their Lord and Master.“Priya Nathji kaa saathh denaa!Priya Nath once again felt a sense of pain at these words, which meant that Shri Nathji was preparing his devotees for him, as if Shri Nathji himself were going to leave the world.