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In a mood of reverie, Shri Nathji speaks to Sudha early one morning, and says:“Mujhe zindagi men kayi logon ne dhoke diye. Kayiyon ne to mujhe Shri Nathji also says angrily:“Phir uske shaane kareemi ke hausale dekhe“Watch then his Grace and forgiveness flow out,Shri Nathji and Priya Nath were very pleased with the reverence and respect-adab that Bajpai showed them. He would always hit his forehead on the ground while prostrating before Shri Nathji, and never utter a word in his presence. When departing, he would lift up the dust at the gate of Shri Nathji’s home and smear it on his forehead.
“Kis qadar bhole hain mere Bhole Nath“How innocent is my Bhole Nath,Priya Nath had been wary about giving Shri Nathji’s cassette to these devotees of Bajpai from Calcutta, but Shri Nathji allowed it, hoping that the message would bring him to the right path again.