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Shri Nathji reads out passages from a 400 page handwritten book Shri Nathji found at Mussoorie, which contained the handwriting of Babaji Maharaj in Urdu and Persian, and which was intended to give moral instructions to Shri Babaji’s friend, Maharaja Hira Singh of Nabha in 1912. “Ye syaahi iss kaagaz par raih jaayegi, magar likhne vaale ko to itnaa bhee naheen maalum ke vo kal iss duniyaan men hogaa bhee yaa naheen!”“This black ink shall remain upon this paper. The writer is not even certain whether he shall be here tomorrow in this world or not.”The book bore the signatures of Babaji Maharaj as follows:Devi Dass Mehta, Priya Nath notes that the handwriting of Babaji Maharaj resembles that of Shri Nathji, with only the exception that Shri Nathji’s writing was infinitely more beautiful, as it was the direct writing of God.