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As soon as the air conditioner is installed in Shri Nathji’s room, there is a thundershower in all parts of the country, a cool breeze sets in even as the hot summer winds disappear. It was as if Shri Nathji had air-conditioned the entire country.Vahi Jaame Muhabbat HaiMite hain jiss se gham saare vahi Jaame Muhabbat haiThat which has drowned all sorrows is the cup of Love,Ye Din hai Mubaarik Sabko AajHere was a ghazal heralding Shri Nathji’s coming into the world to serve humanity:Ye din hai mubaarik sab ko aaj,And the touching lines that bring tears to everyone’s eyes, and reveal the love of Shri Nathji for the people of the world:Ye haathh unkaa barrhaa huaa hai, jo gham ke maare hain iss jahaan menThis Day brings good tidings to allShri Nathji’s heart was as soft and as pure as the petal of a rose. Shri Nathji often narrated the parable of the saint who saw the wind buffet the petal of a flower, and who began to weep. There was Shri Nathji’s touching verse on the theme:Patti ko phool ki lagaa sadmaa naseem kaaThe petal of a flower was buffeted by the wind,