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Shri Nathji listens to more tapes of his Akola Yatra and recalls the divine procession there in 1978, when devis and devtas appeared to have come down from the heavens to shower happiness and to pay homage to the Lord of the Universe, Shri Nathji. “Jiss prakaar jal, jal men miltaa hai, aur surya ki kirnen surya men milti hain, aaj prem, prem men mil rahaa hai!”“Even as water mingles into water, and the rays of the Sun mingle into the Sun, today Love is mingling into Love.”And his historic sentence: “Main aapke liye book knowledge naheen laayaa“I have not brought book knowledge for you. I have brought a Divine Touch.”The conversion of the city was one of the greatest miracles of the spiritual world. He had gone to Akola on December 29, 1950 and stayed there for thirteen days. For twelve years afterwards, the devotees there had worshipped the bed on which he had slept.