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Shri Nathji enters a stationery shop and wants a pen with a thick nib, but contents himself with a dot pen when nothing suitable is found.“You look much weaker than before!”Shri Nathji stops at the shops at Janpath and purchases four sarees for Sudha saying:“Tere dar se mangane vaalaa naheen khaali gayaa“No one who came to ask of thee, went away empty-handed from thy door,This was Shri Nathji’s away of interacting with the humanity around him: had he not ventured out of the house these denizens of the world would have passed an entire life time without obtaining the darshan and blessings of God. This was Shri Nathji’s method of mingling with the poorest of the poor. Bhutt Sahib’s words were ringing true wherever Shri Nathji went:“Prabhuji, duniyaan men har ek majboor hotaa hai ke aapki taraf dekhe!