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Shri Nathji on the other hand worries about Priya Nath going out alone, with just one or two devotees, and often wishes to go with him:“Priyaji, kabhi kissee ko naaraaz naheen honaa chahiye. Kayi log apne manon men grudge rakhte hain aur maukaa paane par dank maarte hain. Kabhi bhee bharrak sakte hain. Kaihte hain ke oonthh apne man men barson keenaa rakhtaa hai.”“Priyaji never be angry on anyone. There are some persons who keep a grudge in their hearts and seek an opportunity to strike back. An explosion can take place at any time. A camel is said to harbor ill feelings within itself for years.”Shri Nathji is not only God for Priya Nath, but also a very loving father, a protector and adviser.