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And then comes New Year’s Eve. Shri Nathji and Priya Nath had made it a point to observe the New Year alone, together, with only the attendant devotee, Sudha, present. “Happy, Happy New Year!Peacefully and prosperously! And Priya Nath says to Shri Nathji:“Should old acquaintasnce be forgotIt reminded Priya Nath of what Shri Nathji would say about the fleeting nature of time:SHRI NATHJI’S NEW YEAR GHAZAL FOR 1982Labrez kar de Saaki saaghar tahi hamaaraaO, Saki! Fill this empty cup of ours to the brim,Saare jahaan ke andar aisho khushi naheen haiThere is no happiness in the entire worldKishtee parri hai apni toofaan ki gardishon menOur boat is being buffeted by the fierceness of the storm,Khaabe giraan ke andar hain khaufnaak shaklenIn the darkness of the night there are dreadful apparitions,Iss shamme husn teri ke ham bane patangeLet us become the moths of the Flame of Thy Beauty,Ai Meharbaan Saaki ab khum pe khum lutaadeO Merciful Saki! Shower Thou the goblets of Thy wine,Jalve dikhaado sabko aankhon se jo chhupe thheReveal Thy Radiance now, which had been hidden from the eyes,With the coming of 1982, Shri Nathji is seen smartly and beautifully dressed in his navy blue achkan, a beautiful, large orange turban and white woollen chooridaars, as he and Priya Nath walk together outside the lawn of their house at Delhi.