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Shri Nathji continues his ghazal writing and listens with great joy as more and more of the ghazals are put to music. The ghazal he enjoys most of all these days begins with the following words:“Ab khushi se bhar gayaa hai dil kaa paimaana meraa“The cup of my heart has been filled with happiness,The last line of the ghazal brings forth a heavenly grace upon earth as Shri Nathji bursts out into: “Wah! Wah! Let all people, all religions, all nations come to me!” “Uthh ke aao, khul gayaa hai, aaj maikhaanaa meraaGet up and come to me, for my Drinking Tavern is open today!Shri Nathji calls it by far the best ghazal so far! The members of the home group get up and dance before Shri Nathji even as he sways on his chair.“Jo masti iss men hai kissee ghazal men naheen! And then Shri Nathji himself gets up and begins to dance with the home group. It is one of the grandest sights ever seen in the house.