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Shri Nathji at once asks Gajanan to come down to Delhi and speaks to him. The lecture is one of the most powerful and angry ones that Shri Nathji has delivered in a long, long time.“Jiss asatya se Satya ki rakhshaa ho va asatya uss satya se kaheen acchhaa hai jiss se Satya hee kaa vinaash ho!”“When Lord Hanuman went to Lanka he did so in disguise–was that a deception? When Lord Rama killed Bali to save Sugreev, he did so from a hiding place. Was that a deception? When Lord Krishna told Yudhistra to tell a lie on the battlefield so that Dronacharya may lay down his arms–and so that thousands may be saved from the wanton destruction that he was raining down upon them–was that a deception? “Bhagwan chaahen to dandaa maar kar bhee apnaa kaam karvaa sakte hain!”“The Sun must rise and set in obedience to His Orders, all of Nature is forced to obey Him! No one can dare go against the Will of God!” “Sooraj vakt par charrtaa hai aur doobtaa hai Bhagwan ke hukam se! Kul shrishti uske hukam men chal rahi hai! Koyi uske hukam ki naa-farmaani naheen kar saktaa!”Even as Shri Nathji finishes his long angry talk, there are tears in the eyes of Gajanan who falls at Shri Nathji’s feet and begs pardon for his weaknesses.“Tere rukhsaare rangeen ne gulsitaan kar diyaa“The radiance of Thy Face has converted to a garden,It is only Shri Nathji who can convert people’s hearts through his words of power. The man who had been on the verge of defiance and defection suddenly became one of his most loyal devotees again, and went back to Mussoorie determined to fight for the sake of his Master. It was yet another miracle of Shri Nathji.