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Shri Nathji, on the contrary, would never tire of speaking of Priya Nath’s sacrifices and would say:“Whatever Priya Nathji says, comes out to be true. Shakuntala used to say that whatever Priyaji says is either true or has been true or must come to be true! Even if I do not listen to his advice, I have to suffer for it.”“Shakuntala kahaa karti thhee, ke ‘Priya Nathji jo kaih dete hain, vo yaa to ho rahaa hotaa hai, aur yaa hone vaalaa hotaa hai!’ Agar ham bhee inkaa kaihnaa naa maanen to sazaa milti hai!”But Priya Nath knew these were words of affection due to the great love Shri Nathji had for him and Pran Nath, and he also felt he was not worthy of the praise bestowed upon him by Shri Nathji, and that he was never looking after him as properly as he ought to have. On the contrary he felt he was responsible for many of the problems in which he had unwittingly got Shri Nathji involved, especially while choosing a life partner for him.