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Shri Nathji is in high spirits these days and asks Priya Nath to place a tape recorder before him, in which he had recorded several ghazals in his own voice on the 25th of June, 1982: “Utthaa ke pardaa jahaan men aa tu dilon ko sabro karaar aaye“Lift up thy veil and come into the world, so that the hearts may find peace,And there is his powerful voice resonating in the room as he sings loudly and very, very powerfully:“Baaz aamdam, baaz aamdam, baaz aamdam!“I have come again, I have come again, I have come again!”Shri Nathji also sings:“Kabhi ai haqueeqate muntazar nazar aa libaase majaaz men“O Thou much awaited Reality, appear before me in human form,The sound of Shri Nathji singing is heaven itself. Regardless of whether one can understand the Urdu and Persian or not, there is a divine feeling in the voice that no human voice can have. His voice itself is beautiful and melodious beyond compare. “MAIN PHIR AAYAA HOON! I HAVE COME AGAIN!” Here was Shri Nathji all alone by Himself in his room–telling the whole world that He had come into the world again in human form. For Shri Nathji it made no difference whether there were multitudes before him or no one. He was the entire world in himself.