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Shri Nathji is in an ecstatic mood throughout the day. He tells the story of the young prince of Iran–the legendary story of Shazaada Iran who went to seek God Realisation from a Faqueer, a man of God:“Main apni aankheen tab tak naheen band karoongaa“I shall not close my eyes Shri Nathji’s ghazal on Pran Nath’s birthday is played before the assembled group:“Ye Maahe Farvary aayaa payaame zindagi lekarThis month of February has come, bringing with it a message of Life”Priya Nath plays a small tape recording he has made on Pran Nath’s birthday to explain the greatness of Pran Nath as a latter-day prophet who lives in the world as a scientist and apparently worldly person, but who is the greatest saint deep within his heart.