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These are the days when Shri Nathji writes his beautiful ghazal, which thrills everyone and brings tears to their eyes. The tune Priya Nath composes is divine. Shri Nathji goes into raptures when he listens to the ghazal and sways with the music, his eyes closed and his arms upraised in his favourite gesture of blessing. The first and the last verses of the ghazal are given below:Idhar Aankhen khulen meriIdhar aanken khulen meri teraa deedaar ho jaayeWhenever my eyes open, may I look upon Thee,At times when defeatism prevails amongst his devotees while struggling with the forces of evil Shri Nathji says very bravely:“Satya ke liye to zindagee bhar bhee larrnaa parre to acchhaa hai!”“One must fight one’s whole life for the sake of Truth if necessary!”There is also Shri Nathji’s ghazal:Iss ghame dil kaa jahaan men phir mudaavaa mil gayaaThe heart’s sorrow has found its solution once again,