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Shri Nathji decides to walk on the road in the colony one evening. There is a meaning behind all his actions. While walking, he meets a certain Mr. Bahri of the colony along with four Madrasi gentlemen. Shri Nathji stops and talks to them on the roadside, which is as good a place as any auditorium for Shri Nathji. “YOUR MISSION IN LIFE IS NOT YET OVER–YOU MUST STAY IN THIS WORLD!”It is almost like the voice of an angel speaking from the heavens, reminding Shri Nathji that he still had a lot of work to do in the world. “Ek din aayegaa ke saari duniyaa naaz karegi ke kaun aayaa thhaa!“The day shall come when the whole world shall be filled with pride at the thought of him, who had come into its midst!”